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When we come together in a circle it intensifies the letting go process, we release our blockages and break through our karmic patterns. Our desires are heard and change happens when we are  supported as a group that is held in this the space, making it a potent experience. 

Adalet from The Holistic Therapy Rooms will lead the Shamanic Cacao Ceremony, Sound Bath and Rose Oil Ritual

Cacao Ceremony

Raw cacao is one of the best superfoods on the planet for opening the heart and fuelling the feel-good

neurotransmitters of the brain.

Research state that there are 143 active components or pyhto-nutrients in every cacao bean (in varying amounts depending on the quality),

the main one being magnesium which is the most deficient mineral within the western diet.

This means you can have a natural high with raw cacao without the comedown.

Sound Bath

The crystal bowls carry the sound frequencies that assist us in turning inward, we ask ourselves what negative thoughts and feelings are we harbouring.


It's time to let go of the burdens.


The ones that create the prison in our mind, and then… 


We enter an infinite space where all possibilities are available.

On the Evening


7.30 pm Arrival

Cacao Ceremony


Meditation Opening the Third eye


Rose Oil Ritual


Sound Bath

We close by 9.30 pm 

I’ve never met a more knowledgeable yoga teacher than Andrea.

Her classes go above and beyond as she takes all her accumulative knowledge and integrates it into her unique delivery. She is also able to accommodate all levels of experience in her classes.


Multiple Dates
15 Feb 2023, 19:30
St Francis
Cacao Boo
Gold Element - 03.png

Connect with other soul conscious people and raise your vibration

Gold Element - 03.png

Enjoy the revered cacao that opens the heart and fuels

the feel-good neurotransmitters of the brain

Gold Element - 03.png

Get In-tune, tap into and follow your intuition during

our alchemy crystal bowl and gong bath


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