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Infin8space Intuitive Yoga

During these times it is vital to embrace the situation that is affecting our world and make the best out of it. We can do this by leaning how to spend time with ourselves and practice self-love. I have created these classes with this in mind and focusing on your current needs. The online sessions will explore elements of my signature classes combining them with other methods that support us to stay strong mentally, physically and emotionally during these uncertain times. 

What do the classes include and

how they can help you?

Keep your energy levels high, your circulation flowing and stay supple at these stay at home times
Special set that focuses on boosting your immune system
Poses that support you to stay calm, positive and lift your mood
Questions that lead to an intuitive session based on the overall needs of the participants

'It is so nice to keep going when everything else is stopping'

- Maria H.

Look after yourself and maintain your well-being by learning new things, keeping a routine and staying connected.


Take your power back and overcome confusion and fear. 

I will keep showing up to support you with your yoga journey and offering reduced class fees for the duration of self-isolation.

Thank you for supporting me and my business in these difficult times, I deeply appreciate it.

Together we simply rise through tough times.

Love, Andrea

How does it work?

I am offering 60 mins classes, 2 times per week
Tuesday 6.30 pm, Wednesday 9 am,
Thursday 10.30 am & 6.30 pm
Single classes are currently 50% OFF,  £7.50 and
weekly and monthly unlimited pass can be purchased at a discounted price as well
Select your slot in the calendar and book your session
Sessions will be held via ZOOM
You are not required to have a registered account
Prepare your own music or use
one of the playlists suggested below
Book up to 60 mins before the start time
Make sure you log in to the session 15 mins early
Enjoy your session!
BONUS!!! Thursday class includes a complimentary Yoga Nidra Session.

"It's not the strongest who survives

but the most adaptable "

Tips for the best

Live Stream Yoga experience

Make sure you have enough space to practice the poses comfortably
Use a laptop, desktop computer or iPad for the stream. Try to avoid phone streaming
Check you a have strong internet connection and others are not streaming in the household
Have your device fully charged or
directly plugged in
Show up 10-15 mins before the session to make sure there is enough time to overcome any technical difficulties that might occur
Prepare your own music for the session or choose one from the recommended playlists below

Need some music inspiration?

Here are some of my favourites

Purple - Blue Gradient

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Full Moon in Leo // 28th Jan