Join us every New and Full moon for our regular bi-monthly Facebook Live events

in the Infin8space community group.

When we understand and work with these energies every month we gain momentum. People have been doing this for thousands of years and now it’s time to remember what our Ancestors knew so fluently.

Moon wisdom brings us into alignment so we can learn how to navigate our deepest emotions and thoughts

to safe ground.

Tuning in to these bi-monthly and our FREE weekly energy alignment zoom calls on Sunday mornings,

will give you the support needed to clear a space for your truest expression.


" I have just started meditation nidra classes with Andrea and I have to say it is the most amazing experience. Her voice tonality, her nature, her skill, knowledge & expertise has made the sessions absolutely awesome. For relaxation, peace of mind and well being - I cannot express how amazing her classes are!!! Superb!"

- Anna F.
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FREE Moon Energy Alignment Events are coming to the Infin8space Community Facebook Group!!!

Keep an eye out for regular bi-monthly Facebook Live events on the Infin8space community group, held on every New and Full Moon. 

I will be going live to talk about the current energies giving insight on how they might affect you and alongside with the Nature’s Rhythm Yoga classes I can offer you guidance in these transformational times.


We are learning how to steer our mind and transcend chaos, using our powerful alignment with each unique moon cycle to turn the tides in these unprecedented times

During the live session, you will have time to pause and reflect on yourself and become present with a short 10-minute Pranayama (energy work using the breath) practice, which will lead to a 20 minute Yoga Nidra (inner conscious relaxation) including a guided visualisation where often our subconscious thoughts and feelings will surface enabling us to seal the deal for permanent change from within.


These sessions were created to enable you to reconnect with yourself, bring awareness to how you feel and learn to manage anything that is showing up or might appear in your life right now or in the future. 

Please feel free to invite anyone whom you would think can benefit from these free live sessions to the group. 

Thank you, Andrea