Nature's Rhythm Yoga

An Integral Yoga Practice that follows the Moon’s Cycle

What is Nature's Rhythm Yoga?

Nature’s Rhythm Yoga is based on traditional Hatha yoga and comprised of four themed classes that attune you to the Moon’s cycle. With the elements of nature, the classes will take you into the flow and coach you to tune in to the rhythm of what makes up the whole of our existence.

How Nature's Rhythm Yoga Works

"Andrea’s yoga class is one of the highlights of my week. She is a kind, gentle, patient teacher and a joy to be around.  She follows the moon cycle so the class varies each time.

She improves my ability very slightly each time so I feel I am progressing. After the class, I feel stretched, relaxed and energised, ready to take on the world."

- Varinder J

Earth is un-moving and solid with a nurturing & fortifying life energy that is restorative and comforting,

Fire is energising, reaching up to purify, cleansing obstructions

Water is movement, flowing many directions overcoming obstacles

Air reaches out freely in all directions, touching all life, expanding and liberating from within 

Opens the heart, brings grounded empowerment to the personality, and a deeper connection to our authentic self and divine essence for a feeling of expanded wellbeing.

Class Themes by the Phases of the Moon

New Moon

Waxing Moon

Full Moon

Waning Moon

Come and join us for Nature's Rhythm Yoga

every Tuesday at 7 pm

Purple - Blue Gradient

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