Nature's Rhythm Yoga

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Have you been a yoga teacher or practitioner for some time and feel attracted to the idea of working with the lunar phases?

Perhaps you are a beginner who wants to experience a contemporary form of this ancient tradition?


Are you looking to add a signature style to your teaching and build a community based on similar interest?

This course is for you!

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About Nature's Rhythm Yoga and the course

I'm Andrea, the person behind infin8space and I am the founder of Nature's Rhythm Yoga. 

In my fourth year of teaching yoga, I was able to deepen my knowledge through studying astrology, I learned more about my own psychology and also the outer layers formed through our conditioning through society, belief systems, preferences, fears and opinions.  I began to notice more clearly my inner true identity, the higher power or light that is in each of us, we are divine at our core level. At this time I became interested in the cycles of nature, particularly the moon's cycle and its effect on our planet and on my day to day living.

Over time, I came to an intuitive understanding of how being in conscious alignment with the moon's cycle could make my practice more meaningful and help to steer my mind to safe ground, the effects accelerated my evolution.

I have created a course (I am still working on it) that comes from my dream to share my passion for yoga and from the result of almost twenty years of teaching heterogeneous practitioners of all ages from around the world.

I have created NRY to bring harmony and flow into our individual lives therefore the world.

When more teachers start implementing this concept, then we can come together and assist the world back to its natural rhythm and eco state. 

And that is my vision. 
To turn the tides, to restore balance and bring a holistic approach into the lives of others.

Andrea Teja Nature's Rhythm Moon
Image by Valentina Yoga

"Andrea has created a wonderful system of practising yoga whereby the practitioner is exposed to, and immersed into, an approach to Hatha Yoga themed by the phases of the moon.


Connecting the practice to the elements found in nature and the universe brings about a much deeper connection to Self and others. Working with the four phases of the Lunar cycle, Andrea has created four different flowing sequences that also connect to the five elements.


It is an extremely profound way to practise that opens up a space to become deeply connected to the universal energy field. For myself, working with this format and also embracing, personally, a "seasonal" approach to yoga, I have experienced a much deeper connection to "All That Is" and I have felt enriched beyond measure."

- Jude M.
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go deeper within yourself and remove obstructions

connection to the whole of existence, never feel alone

strengthening the relationship to your own self-love

loving acceptance towards others

embracing life as it is

feeling of safety by established routine

learning to respond and cooperate with life and nature

start working with the flow and open our creativity

releasing resistance and live in conscious present 

and much more ...
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