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Cacao Rituals, Sound Healing & Supper

Join our new monthly offering every Last Sunday. We'll enjoy the healing power of a cacao ceremony, a gentle heart-focussed yoga flow, a meditation and a crystal bowl sound bath & closing with a vegan supper with some time to reflect with newfound friends.

Did you know?

Raw cacao is one of the best super foods on the planet for opening the heart and fuelling the feel good neurotransmitters of the brain.

Research state that there are 143 active components or pyhto-nutrients in every cacao bean (in varying amounts depending on the quality), the main one being magnesium which is the most deficient mineral within the western diet.

Magnesium supports the heart, supports peristaltic action (bowel cleansing and it relaxes the muscles which makes it invaluable around your monthly moon time and for any muscle pain and to soothe cramping). It can help increase flexibility, builds strong bones and increases alkalinity in your blood warding off stress and illness. Raw cacao can open up over 300 different elimination and detoxification pathways. It is also packed with great things like serotonin, tryptophan, dopamine, anandamide, phenylethymide and a whole list of other neurotransmitters that also have nicknames like the love chemical or the bliss chemical since they interact with your brain to help elevate your mood.

This means you can have a natural high with raw cacao without the comedown!

How incredible is that!? Sounds good? Why not join us EVERY LAST SUNDAY of the month.


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