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Creating a new way....

The first bold step to creating a new way is personal, it means to be aware of our own fears, and it is not found in analyzing the external causes. The bold step therefore is to quit being a "victim" - or to bully up to "the bad guy". The new way is to take responsibility for our own lives and projections, Only then will we collectively solve our common problems.

Being in our own power and in control of our own minds shakes the foundations of the current system. When we are no longer exploited, equity and decentralization of power are our gain. We are creating something new by each of us being challenged in our inner worlds to create new ways of thinking and feeling about ourselves, others and the planet.

We now have the opportunities and deeper understanding to create new ways of being and relating, our plans are made in terms of what we can ALL gain rather than what we might lose... Everyone must feel included and valued for their unique contributions. This is a requirement for creating a sustainable, peaceful and just world. Alienation breeds ill feelings, from explotation to terrorism. When we experience feeling connected and included we come to value our contributions and we come to know that we are part of the solution. Only then can we eagerly and creatively participate in laying the ground for a new future.

By being totally inspired and by realising that analyzing external causes just creates its own effect - which is basically getting stuck in our heady thoughts and wondering why and what we can do to fix that which cannot be fixed - so that sooner or later we will see how futile taking this action is. The battle rages within our own mind and healing the fears and insecurites for a better projected out look into our world... is the NEW WAY!.

Can we be with our fears? If we can then we will embrace and transform them. Are we owning our stuff and willing to release our fears and unforgiveness toward ourself and others now? This intention put into action will create the freedom from mind and simultaneously nurture our hearts wisdom for our flow towards self love and abundance for all.

Blessings to you all

Andrea Teja


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