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Super Full Moon in Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse

This one is not only a full moon but a Super Full Moon, meaning it will be closer than normal in the Earth’s orbit and it’s also a Total Lunar Eclipse which emphasises ‘turnarounds’ and a potent purging experience leading to liberation. A ‘Letting go’ of big things that are holding us back from being fully authentic - Powerful changes!

It’s time for a Reboot. A jump start to move forward and leave the past behind, in the fullness of time we’ll get to understand why what happened, had to happen.

The message is even if life feels a bit rough, don’t quit, there will be new seeds taking root for growth now.

The Sagittarius Total Lunar Eclipse is revealing what we're no longer meant to carry forward - time to drop some luggage!

To listen to the Yoga Nidra that compliments this moon phase, please follow the link below.



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