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Infin8space- Moon Yoga.png
Infin8space- Moon Yoga.png

Nature’s Rhythm Yoga is based on traditional Hatha yoga and is comprised of four themed classes that attune you to your higher nature.

The classes draw from the ancient yogic practices to bring balance to the

water and fire elements and maintain the balance within between these opposing forces, keeping the fire in your belly and staying cool in your head.


Each class combines the power of asanas, meditation, sound frequencies and pranayama to help you reconnect with your body on a spiritual and physical level and bringing you into the flow.


  Come and learn the practise that combines the moon’s cycle, the elements of nature and traditional yoga asanas.

New moon, Root, Earth - Chandra Sequence  

Waxing moon, Navel, Fire - Sun Salutes

⁠Full moon, Heart, Air -  Shiva Shakti Sequence 

Waning moon, All - The Infin8flow ​


Infin8space- Moon Yoga.png
Infin8space- Moon Yoga.png
Infin8space- Moon Yoga.png


Nature’s Rhythm Yoga, helps you into 'the flow', to expand and harmonise your connection with all things, creating a mindful connection with body, breath, and mind. As you build this connection, you find greater balance, presence, and ease in your life.

The four themed classes are a balance of the active yang and the passive yin and teach us ways to understand and enjoy the energy in movement. 

As you journey through the four moon phases and the five elements you will find that each sequence is accessible to all levels helping to build strength, stamina and flexibility.

The system teaches us the ways in which we can cope with overwhelming emotions, anxiety, uncertainty and stress, it helps us to first remember the connection with ourselves. We learn how to hold our own ground, and to reframe any setbacks as signposts for growth.


There is an acceptance that follows on from this practice. You will learn to open your heart and be present to the beauty that is all around you, and that is within you.


Establishing a consistent routine will give you the feeling of safety and peace

and will help you to become more mindful and compassionate towards yourself and the world, leading ultimately to trust in life.


Gold Element - 05.png

Helps to establish routine and consistency

Gold Element - 05.png

Take the lead to be proactive rather than reactive

Gold Element - 05.png

Embrace opportunity, adapt to evolve, open to change

Gold Element - 05.png

Experience balance - Harmonise body and mind

Gold Element - 05.png

Building a Stronger Future Together; Creating a Supportive Community on Common Ground


Private Session

Benefit from exclusive guidance and overcome personal challenges through Nature's Rhythm Yoga.

All classes start with a consultation and a block of classes are agreed upon with targets that will be reviewed throughout as you aim to reach your goals.

Yoga Class

We believe in the power of yoga to help you find your flow.

Our classes, taught by our experienced and knowledgeable instructors, offer a transformative experience.

Join our classes, get into the flow to expand and harmonise your connection with all things.

Explore the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga with us to reach a place of peace and fulfilment.

Stress, anxiety and a fast-paced lifestyle create physical tension and

become a contraction in our nervous system and musculature.
These contractions prevent our ability to be fully engaged with our environment and be conscious of ourselves. The pathway to our personal healing lies in the development of better awareness of our body movement, breath, voice, thoughts, beliefs and dreams.

The Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

At Infin8space, we are passionate about the power of yoga and its ability to help people feel deeply connected to their body, mind, and spirit. Our Nature's Rhythm Yoga teachers joined forces together in 2023 their sole purpose is to  'Align you with your higher nature, through Nature's Rhythm Yoga'.  Founded by Andrea Teja, our mission to help people reconnect to the natural rhythm of life and tap into their passion and power through yoga. 

We offer a range of classes and workshops and yoga holidays to suit all levels, from beginner to experienced.
Join us at our events, or virtually, and discover a new way to deepen your connection to yourself and the world.

Every New Moon, there is the opportunity to manifest a new beginning in our lives, a chance to awaken and walk towards a new step of our destiny. At this phase, it is like the smallest bud on the bush is preparing to open and flower at the ripening time. We believe that when we come together, with an intention to grow, we are inviting the universe to give us direction, so our efforts are enhanced.

PRACTICE: Yoga for grounding, clearing the past, setting boundaries to nurture yourself and allow you to go deeper into the present moment to access more joy.


During the Waxing Moon phase, we power up our intentions that were made at the New Moon (by taking action for what we are focusing on). This phase is like the seed that bursts  upwards through the soil into the light, without due care and attention, your intention can get crushed by various distractions. Your warrior self moves with purpose to energise your whole body, adding the fuel to power up your intentions. Remember what you focus on expands. Inner strength requires a balance between action and stillness.

PRACTICE: Yoga to stimulate your inner light and radiance.  Cleanse and purify and open up the energy pathways.



The Full Moon is a time of flowering. A time of expansiveness, gratitude and appreciation that attracts further abundance. By taking our attention out of the mind and into the heart, our worries and fears become a thing of the past. To have compassion and affection for ourselves and all living beings, tunes our vibration to ATTRACT more of the same.  We started with our intentions, then we put our actions behind those intentions, and now for the Full Moon class, we come to the most expansive and creative phase.

PRACTICE: Yoga to honour your inner teacher, heart wisdom and body. Practice to rebalance, develop flexibility, connect with your truth, creativity, authenticity, and opening to more playfulness and laughter.


At the time of the Waning Moon, there comes the space to be creative. Relinquish all former limitations and lovingly steer your thoughts towards what it is you want to keep in your life and what you want to dismiss. Harness your energies,  re-group and re-focus on what is working for you and what is working against you. (your triggers are like keys to your freedom) contemplate to move beyond obstacles with loving acceptance of what is. 

PRACTICE: Yoga to re-align, and invoke openness and lightness.  A revision of previous phases that include the addition of inverted postures with an emphasis on directing energy to higher centres.



Having gone through significant life changes, Nature’s Rhythm Yoga and Yoga Nidra have been the environment and the experience needed to enable me to grieve, live in the moment to really feel and acknowledge my grief and get to a place where I feel I have been truly able to focus on my journey to better emotional physical and mental health.

Having gone through significant life changes, Nature’s Rhythm Yoga and Yoga Nidra have been the environment and the experience needed to enable me to grieve, live in the moment to really feel and acknowledge my grief and get to a place where I feel I have been truly able to focus on my journey to better emotional physical and mental health.

Louise F.

Louise F.jpg

Andrea’s yoga classes have helped me to transform the relationship I have with myself; mind and body.

I leave her classes feeling grounded and re-energised. Her Yoga Nidra classes are a highlight of my week.

Louise L.

Louise Lewis.jpg

Andrea has guided me on the most enjoyable and enlightening journey and helped me develop my practice not only on the physical side but also opened up the mental side. Andrea is a true professional and makes her sessions also fun and enjoyable for all levels. Her zoom classes have been a godsend during the last year with COVID-19.

Robert T.



Gold Element - 05.png
Gold Element - 05.png

Come and explore the infinite space of possibilities with our teachers at Nature's Rhythm Yoga.

Discover your own connection to the rhythms of the moon and the elements of nature, and find your own unique balance and peace.

Feel the power of yoga to energise your body, mind, and spirit

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