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I am Andrea Teja, a holistic and yogic mentor, and founder of Nature's Rhythm Yoga, a concept that gives us the tools to develop a positive connection with ourselves and with others.


I am on a mission to reach out to others with understanding, supporting them to connect into their own inner wisdom, their intuition, creativity and empowerment. To create the space where they honour the embodiment of an open and trusting relationship with these virtues.


My studies, yoga practice and motherhood have all shaped my present work and being highly intuitive has enabled me to develop my own unique style of teaching.

Over the years, I was brought to an understanding of how being in conscious alignment with the moon's cycle could make my practice more meaningful and over and over again this helped to steer my mind back to safe ground. The effects of this addition to my teachings has accelerated my evolution.


In 2006 combining all that I had learned through various traditions I created a concept called


Nature's Rhythm Yoga is a holistic practice that offers techniques to stay present, develop patience, perform to our best and live proactively supporting us in all areas of life.


The system teaches us the ways in which we can cope with overwhelming emotions, anxiety, uncertainty and stress, it helps us to remember the connection with ourselves. We learn how to hold our own ground, and to reframe any setbacks as signposts for growth.

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 Nature's Rhythm Yoga, consists of asanas (posture) and pranayama (breath control) and is comprised of four themed classes, instructed throughout the month, that attune you to the Moon’s cycle. 


Nature’s Rhythm Yoga, helps you into the flow, to expand and harmonise your connection with all things, for a holistic approach that coaxes you towards the natural rhythm of the energies that make up the whole of existence.


teaching classes in Buckhurst Hill and its surrounding areas, delivering Nature’s Rhythm Yoga and Yoga Nidra in a growing conscious community along with other yoga teachers

working with one to one, private clients, allows me to help each of my client’s personal specific goals for flexibility, strength, stability and balance using postures and meditation techniques and incorporate somatic counselling sessions that include my skills for body dialogue and breath work

organising and hosting workshops, sharing circles and themed events such as Cacao Ceremony, Menopause Support Group, New and Full Moon Energy Alignment Events, Yoga Nidra Immersions etc.

launching my signature Nature’s Rhythm Yoga Teacher Training course that was born from my dream to share my passion for yoga and from the result of almost twenty years of teaching heterogeneous practitioners of all ages from around the world


I’ve experienced grief, loss, love, abuse, suffering, joy, peace and every spectrum in between, which keeps me humble and approachable.


After years of being immersed in yoga, it has taught me to choose simplicity, to remain a beginner, to always be teachable and enjoy this mysterious ride.​


The choices we make today will mark our future. I am passionate about sharing what I know through my various studies around wellness;


I enjoy helping people feel better and doing what it takes to reach their goals. I’ll share great ways that will be helpful for your empowerment and purpose.​ 


Awaken to your true self. 


The power is within you!

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