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Dissolving with - Bija, Chakra and the Goddess

Locating the seven chakra's, knowing their basic attributes of colour, element, and psychological associations for energy work is essential. Meditating on these points and chanting can be practised in order to free up the energy flow within, which brings results externally. The process of chanting itself shakes up the held patterns of energy and reshapes them to their higher possibility.

These chakras are visualized and struck with the seed sound of the bija mantra in order from the base of the tail bone upwards to the top of the head.

Chant each of these in order, drawing your mind to each chakra, striking the chakra with the mantra:


As your concentration gets better, think of each Goddess at each chakra and dissolve the chakras into each other until they dissolve at the crown.

So,you can dissolve Earth into Water (root chakra to sex chakra), Water into Fire, Fire into Air, Air into Space, Space into Mind and Mind into the Cosmic realm.

1. Root chakra - mantra “KREEM” - this mantra is the sound which creates electricity and transformation.

It is the seed sound for the Goddess Kali, who is the personification of Kundalini, hence placing this mantra at the tail bone stimulates this higher, transformational prana to activate. Kali is TIME and rules over the dissolution of matter back to energy (death) as well as the destruction of illusion. When chanted at the root chakra, this mantra also helps us to understand what true security is - inside the Self!


2. Sex chakra - mantra “KLEEM” - this mantra is sticky, in that it holds things in it’s place, and attracts to itself. It is the energy of attraction, beauty, creativity, and love. Connected with the Goddess, Tripura Sundari who symbolises a pacified crown chakra grants us the experience of beauty and truth from within. It can also be used for Lord Krishna, and any deity or thing we wish to pull towards us. As the sex chakra is concerned with creativity and love, awakening the higher side of this chakra with this mantra, we become a source of love and creativity, without the need to manipulate others to satisfy us.


3. Navel chakra - mantra “HOOM” or “DOOM” as you can hear these two mantras both employ the long U sound, which has a similar effect of protection. Chant HOOM, with a short U sound, emphasizing the exhale and you will feel the navel contract; this is where the navel chakra is. HOOM is specific for Agni or FIRE. DOOM is specific for the Goddess Durga who is sought for protection. These mantras increase intensity and heat, which is a good thing especially for the digestive strength. The higher notion of this chakras meaning of power is the expression of a quiet power that does not need violence to attain it’s ends. Instead, true power is when all things are given freely to us without request or struggle.


4. Heart chakra - mantra “HREEM” - This mantra is like "OM" but for the Goddess, and connects you magically at a heart level to the Supreme, or, any other deity or thing we wish to get closer to. This is one of the most important mantras and has positive effects upon the physical heart as well as the energetic heart. The higher aspect of the heart chakra is to let the expression of love become unconditional and the direct perception of the air element.


5. Throat chakra - mantra “AYM” (like AIIIIM) - chant this mantra for wisdom, higher learning, teaching ability, and the gift of convincing speech. Connected with the Goddess Saraswati, this mantra is the most important mantra after OM.


6. Third eye - mantra “SHREEM” - Lately I have been talking about SOMA, and the bindu chakra at the back of the head. The mantra SHREEM brings about beauty, devotion, abundance, softness, and can be used to take refuge in whatever deity we choose. SHREEM is connected to the goddess Lakshmi, who’s two lower arms dispense tangible wealth, and who’s two upper arms hold lotuses, the abundance in spirit, the SOMA we yogis are seeking.


7. Crown chakra - mantra “OM” - liberation, going beyond all form. When you chant OM, bring your mind to stillness after the sound has finished, which takes your mind to the pure stillness within.


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