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How To Connect To Your Inner Goddess Through Yoga

Nature’s Rhythm Yoga: Finding the Divine Feminine Within

Yoga transformed my life forever. 15 years ago I started to write my own book. In that time, I gathered information and devised my own integrated system of yoga based on the cycles of the moon. The inspiration for this was a driving desire to empower everyone in connecting to their source energy within. After a decade and a half, I am finally launching my own integrated system, ‘Yoga Of The Moon’, which combines years of practice and knowledge.

In this first of a series of blog posts, I dive deep into the importance of finding the divine self within you. Let’s journey together to find the divine feminine within…

The Return of the Divine Feminine?

There has been a lot of talk about the return of the Divine Feminine lately, but nobody seems clear about what this really means. Where does it spring from and how are we meant to integrate it into our lives?

The same words “divine” and “feminine” have grown so many connotations and have been so distorted. They seem to trigger all kinds of images in every one of us. Not questioning everything consciously, we can end up believing anything whilst knowing nothing.

Our beliefs can colour our perceptions. In reality, they are only adopted thought-forms mostly buried deep in the unconscious part of our psyche. They have been implanted early on in life without our conscious consent.

We all like adding our two cents and a dose of sanity to the mayhem of teachings that are being swallowed hook, line and sinker by many good-willing seekers. Sadly, many buy into their emotional reactions and bypassing the necessary critical questioning of the agendas behind the concepts. Logic and intuition work together to prevent the acceptance of ideas without critical questioning.

Born into this world, our spirits are free to explore and to express individuality without much resistance, at least for a while. Soon though, we start growing up and our parents, guardians and teachers either reward or punish our actions. This is in response to our desire to expand our influence and activities.

In time, the vast possibilities before us, the opportunity to manifest your dreams with infantile confidence, the empty canvas of life where you dream of painting it in a million colors, all shrinks. This is because as a child you adapt to the expectations of those around you

In truth, you were looking through the eyes of the Goddess, a powerfully creative force that expresses itself through you, through me, and through every other human being on the surface of the little blue marble we call home. Well, it is a little blue marble from space!

The Many Faces of the Goddess Within

For 15 years I have delved deep into my own journey to find the Goddess within. My first book Yoga of the Moon is coming out in 2021 and an online course. It is the culmination of my practice and research into the intricately woven moon cycles and divine feminine principle.

The Goddess goes by many names but speaks with the same voice through us all. A voice that has no gender, no age and first and foremost, no fear. Wise beyond words, infinite in her awareness and endowed with the power to create the world anew. She may bring forth the ideas we plant in the realm of spirit. Then manifest them through inspiring works of the kind that ripple out and ignite the creative forces in all those who have the eyes to see.

You go out into the world with its challenges and its joys. Filled with the best intentions and the determination to express your longings. Seeking to make your dreams come true. Sadly, the world doesn’t see the real YOU, most of the time.

The world doesn’t acknowledge the powerful Goddess who shines through your eyes, your smile and your gait. The world doesn’t seem ready for those who know the powerful spirit that dwells inside, let alone if they happen to be creative original thinkers and doers.

Ultimately, friction manifests, and you find yourself in a tug of war. It is a pull between your most cherished visions and dreams on one side, and your deep desire to integrate and have fulfilling relationships on the other.

The return of the Divine Feminine has undergone a similar process after thousands of years of patriarchal domination. It seems that instead of rising to the challenge of embodying the power of a true Goddess, we have demoted her to our very human scale . Sadly, fitting her into a nice sounding package of words and aesthetic qualities that reflect our level of consciousness. Yet we could instead acknowledge the work needed to expand our minds before embracing our wholeness.

The Goddess is Vast

The Goddess is vast, and so are you. She is not coming down from a lofty above, be it the center of the galaxy or a more personal heaven. She is the above and the below, the inside and the outside of our place in existence.

She is venerable and she is a warrior. She is graceful because she is aware of her power. She is the force inspiring our greatest achievements, and she holds the sword of reason that cuts through the veil that has kept us from evolving into the next stage of our evolution.

She is pushing us to stretch beyond our limits, the same way she pushes every leaf of grass, every tree and every flower to their own plenitude. And she dwells inside every child born into this world. Why on earth then are we not living our lives to the limits of our creative imagination? Why are we so far from expressing our potential? Why are so many men and women dissatisfied with their lives and relationships?

The Shaping of Our Minds

Our minds are shaped from an early age, especially during our first years of encountering the world through our family environment. Conditioned beliefs become the unconscious part of our psyches. Our world view is set in our hearts and minds, and we accept those beliefs blindly, so it becomes a matter of survival.

Generally, it’s easier to get on with others when we agree with them. Every belief sets an arbitrary boundary, a distinction between what is possible in our personal and collective experience and what is rejected as mere fantasy.

Beliefs drive our conscious awareness, creating an artificial boundary between what gets attention and what doesn’t. This is out of the myriad of information we come across in our daily lives. While beliefs are not set in stone, they are certainly embodied , and always reflect back to us what we believe to be true.

Well, that’s all for now folks. Thanks for joining me on this first post about the new Yoga of the Moon course. The book and online course will be launched in Spring 2021.

If you would like to receive more information about the forthcoming book and course, please sign up now with your email.


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