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How to Relight the Flame Within

Yoga – The Power To Unite and Reconnect Us

Welcome friend on this spiritual journey of life!

The journey to find our inner selves is one of the greatest journeys we will ever take. Reconnecting with what we always were and are is not always easy. It takes time and patience. We have to first dissolve some of the social conditioning I talked about in my first blog post. Today we will dive into the original meaning of yoga and its power to unite us all as one.

Yoga – Unite As One!

Like roots of trees our mind, body and spirit reaches into the earth and like branches our arms reach into the sky. A union of what is below and above. Yoga in Sanskrit means “to unite”. Yoga has been the tradition with the vocation to align and reunite what has been disconnected, so that body, heart and mind function in unison again. Thus, allowing the nurturing energy of Mother Nature to illuminate every part of us. In turn fueling the transmutation of our cells from the gross, to the subtle, to the divine.

As we remember ourselves to be whole, our senses open up, our perception of time and space shifts. Soon we find our conscious attention flowing to the recess of our own mind and heart. The boundaries of our existing beliefs and past conditioning are breached because they have become too heavy to bear or are in conflict with our now conscious desires. In short, as our consciousness expands so do old beliefs and routines fall away. This is the path of Yoga.

What seemed unimportant may become an urgent priority, what seemed foolish may start to make new sense with this awakening consciousness. Our perception shifts with our regular yoga practice, and our world brims with exciting new possibilities.

Time and space are boundless, but humans have a knack for constraining the unlimited and put it into tiny boxes they can master with their limited intelligence. This is merely an outer reflection of the compartmentalization of our inner selves.

Our shared past is a prime example of this. When we go to school, we learn to define history as the period starting with the appearance of the first written texts, immediately ignoring thousands of years prior to that eventful discovery. Moreover, the concept of Classical Greece as the precursor of our Western civilization makes the rest of history vanish from understanding.

Unconsciously, our paradigm of the world and our place in it pushes out of our awareness any progress made before classical times as the inklings of an inferior kind of humanity. Our belief in constant progress is ingrained and have become a staple of our contemporary lives. New gadgets, ideas and technological advances demand our attention on a daily basis. Indeed, our passion for novelty is unparalleled in recent history.

The eminent psychiatrist C.G. Jung was the first to point out the existence of a shared body of archetypal memories lying deep in our subconscious mind. Not only has our shared past not disappeared into the mist of forgetfulness, but it’s being re-enacted in front of our eyes every single day.

Sometimes this happens in quite dramatic ways, in the state of our current world. We can perceive it breaking through and creating havoc in our personal lives, unfulfilling relationships, and unstable careers, as well as in the religious and racial conflicts that seem to intensify despite all our efforts and conscious desires for peace.

Far from being catastrophic, we feel this is the perfect stage for a quantum jump ahead in evolution that could happen any time now. Getting on with the task of inner remembrance that will lead us to inner sovereignty and outer radiance is of paramount importance.

Nature’s Rhythm Yoga: Yoga of the Moon