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Pancha Sahita Pranayama

This technique concentrates on rejuvenating the five important body organs, the Lung, Liver, Digestive organs, Elimination organs and the Heart, using the alternate nostril breath over a period of 45 days.

  • One session is around 9 minutes long and involves 9 rounds of alternate nostril breath (or 18 rounds of breathing through both sides.)

  • One round means: Inhale through your right nostril – hold - exhale through your left nostril – hold – inhale through your left nostril – hold – exhale through your right nostril – hold

  • We work on each organ for 9 days in the order listed above and we start with once a day and aim to develop it to 3 times a day as we refine our technique.

  • If you miss a day out once you begin the 45 practise, no matter where you are in the cycle, then you must restart from day one lungs again, until a time you can develop a consecutive 45-day practice without skipping a day.

Some breathing ratios you will find are challenging, it is important to note above all else, not to be hard on yourself, you are creating a daily habit and you can take your time to make this breakthrough, you will be so glad that you did. Once you make this change to focus on your breath and internal organs as part of your day and you keep practicing to the best of your ability you will find mastery when you are ready.

Download your Pancha Sahita Pranayam guide sheet below. You can easily tick off the days on your computer or print out your sheet for your convenience.

Pancha Sahita Pranayama Chart Editable
Download P • 148KB

If you have started your journey and would like to practice in your spare time these two audio recordings are just for you. This is a 9-minute practice with or without a metronome to help you focus, stay in the zone and enjoy your daily breathwork.

9 minutes of Audio with Music Only

9 minutes of Audio with Music Only

For further support get in touch and join our Weekly Moon Energy Alignment WhatsApp group where we are supporting each other specifically on our breathwork journey together.

Register yourself for the next free Weekly Moon Energy Alignment session HERE.

Hope to see you next Sunday.

Happy Breathing!


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