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How To Reclaim the Divine Goddess Within You

How The Divine Feminine Principle Has Changed

Yoga of the moon is about the realisation of the divine Goddess within. Self-empowerment and freedom to be ourselves in harmony with the cycles of the moon. The role in society of women has changed greatly down the centuries. Finally, women have been regaining their power after centuries of subjugation by patriarchal societies.

Unfortunately, this is not the same across the world in many countries where many women are still oppressed. However, the journey within our own soul is about uniting and balancing the divine male and female principles within us all.

The Journey Into Consciousness

The journey into consciousness is ours to undertake as soon as we become aware of its necessity. This can occur by internal or external pressures. The balance that the world is so acutely asking for mirrors our inner imbalance. It is, between the forces of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, inside each one of us. One mind at the time, it is our responsibility to bring our inner realm to an agreement.

Like the thousand-petalled lotus flower, once enough of us can nurture and create peace inside of ourselves, the world will know peace outside too. The archetypal forces of creativity and destruction are represented in ancient mythology by Eros and Thanatos, the impulse to create life and destroy it. Every cycle in our bodies is a constant reminder of these forces at work:

● The in-breath and the out-breath

● The beating of the heart

● The stream of thoughts and the gaps in between them

● These all hold the potential to bring this dichotomy into our awareness.

Our Place In The Cosmos

Slower cycles can be observed in the 28-day Moon cycle, the central focus of attention in Nature's Rhythm Yoga. This cycle becomes a vessel for the understanding and assimilation of the shorter and the longer cycles we are enmeshed in. Whether we are conscious of them or not.

It’s not in the scope of this blog post to go into depth about the historical details of how our current state came into being. It is our intention to bring awareness to the vastness of the cycle we are part of and the fact that our reality is but a point in the massive circle of time.

Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers. Armed with a fully open heart, delving into the realm of mythology and history can bring much-needed relief and a new understanding of the stories that get woven into our experiences.

Hopefully, your curiosity will be aroused by the possibilities that a more empowering vision of your actual place in the cosmos can bring to your life. Hence, turning it into a genuinely fulfilling and spiritual journey. A quest that will open you to the power of your own creativity!